An automatic TRADING SYSTEM as a PARTNER for your personal ambitions!
Human beings are emotions, intuitions, ambitions, but often miscalculations and misjudgements…
Our system, also called “Expert Advisor”, is the sum of powerful algorithms, precision and logic, essentially an AUTOPILOT!
It takes you to your destination in complete safety!

With a simple click, start operating…

What we offer

Do you know very little or nothing about trading stock indices, currencies and commodities?

Have you ever traded “Online Trading” without really knowing what you are doing?

Let technology help you and decide for you!


We are pleased to introduce you to a product that is right for you.

Over the last few years Clickandperform has developed a software (Trading System) that allows you to automatically copy its technical and operational functioning, thus achieving the best results and yields.

Our company offers to retail as well as institutional clients various “absolute return” trading algorithms with a focus on indices, commodities and currencies, to generate returns in any phase of the market, both bullish and bearish, while maintaining risk within strict parameters of control.

Our trading system is offered on free use through MultiBank, an international broker.

This means that when you open your account with MultiBank, you can automatically reproduce the operation of our trading system and its related returns will be at your complete disposal!

Who is MultiBank?
MultiBank is a Group founded in California, USA, in 2005.
It is currently one of the largest suppliers of stock market derivatives worldwide, with a share capital of more than 322 million US dollars.
It offers services to a broad customer base of more than 1,000,000 clients in more than one hundred countries.

What is Artificial Intelligence?

We can define Artificial Intelligence as the process through which machines and computer systems simulate the processes of human intelligence.

Artificial Intelligence provides quality calculations that allow you to perform complex operations and reasoning, until recently exclusive characteristics of the human brain.

Thanks to artificial intelligence, today it is possible to built machines capable of performing complex actions and “reasoning”, learning from mistakes, improving and performing functions with excellent results.

Why use artificial intelligence (AI) and algorithms?

In recent years, AI and algorithms are rapidly replacing certain functions of the human being, as they are able to perform them better, faster, more accurately and without emotions.

In the medical field it is already widely used in diagnosis, in meteorology to predict natural phenomena such as floods and earthquakes, in banking and finance to anticipate and effectively combat fraud in transactions and for “virtual chats” (chatbox), convert homes with the automation in smart homes, in public administration to generate inter-dependence between services and improve their dissemination and these are just some examples.

Artificial intelligence in the management of daily life probably began with home automation and the large-scale diffusion of devices such as the Amazon Echo in addition to automatic language translators.

Additionally, in the last 2-3 years with “autonomous vehicles”, self-guided means of transport, intended for navigation not only by road, but also by sea, river and air.

Why choose a fintech product like ours?

The English term FinTech refers to companies or products that operate in the field of innovation in Financial Technologies, that is, in the offer of financing, payment, investment and consulting services with a high technological component, which use artificial intelligence and involve strong innovative impulses in the financial services sector and market.

Data and algorithms have been key elements in the management of banks and investment funds for years.

Artificial intelligence in finance represents just the final transformation of a sector that has always focused on efficiency and prediction.

Our solution offers an interesting opportunity for those who want to rely on a digital financial product, in addition to providing a competitive advantage over all companies and products that have not kept up to date.

This advantage allows Clickandperform users to take advantage of our advanced algorithms for analyzing the financial indices where we operate in Forex, to achieve medium and long-term benefits, with the most limited and reduced risks possible.

Invest with us in innovation and technology.

And now imagine what your future will be like…

The keys to the success of our Trading System

Our system operates by diversifying its intervention in different indices independent of each other, to operate on several fronts automatically, without “putting all our eggs in the same basket.”

It also automatically calculates the size of the transactions, which allows a fair and proportional distribution over the considered assets, thus finding the best risk/return ratio and achieving the perfect relationship between both parameters.

The focus and operation is particularly on currency crosses, in particular AUD/CAD, AUD/NZD, NZD/CAD and then EUR/USD, USD/CHF, GBP/USD, EUR/JPY, USD/ GPY and the American technology index (NASDAQ).

Our advantages



Our Trading System always operates in a controlled manner, according to the level and degree of “risk” in line with your profile.
The Broker we rely on, works with segregated bank accounts, that is, each client account is separated and blocked under his name and based on recognized international bank institutions.

And you can withdraw your capital in 24/48 hours!



You can adapt your account at any time, according to your desired level of commitment and the values/amounts available in your account, with the platform’s support bank.

Choose between moderate, balanced and dynamic!



You can check the results and progress of your investment in real time and withdraw your funds whenever you want. The platform allows you to continuously monitor the evolution and performance of your portfolio, its composition, as well as the transactions carried out. We rely on leading credit institutions and additional guarantees from third-party insurance companies are provided to protect the customer.


Our skills

Our Team has decades of experience, developed with international banks and brokers, in creating trading models and short and medium-term strategies.



Positioning yourself in the market requires multiple triggering elements confirmed by various statistical indicators: a speculative dynamic is therefore very rare, but has high success rates. We do not make clients take unnecessary risks to seek profitability at all costs. In addition, each operation has a strict and predefined stop loss: if the market goes against our position, it is closed and then restarted with complete peace of mind.


Our fees depending on the result and benefits!

No entry, exit or hidden fees. We only charge a 30% performance fee (retail client) on a quarterly basis (using the High Water Mark method).

We only make money if you make money!


Trading history

Real history of more than 6 years. Since January 3, 2023 endorsed by MyFXBook.

This means that all past operations, results and performances are certified and supervised by an independent external entity, which is why they are to be considered completely real and cannot be modified!


High operating standards

At a strategic level we work with a well-defined modus operandi. We do not operate with the “grid” method, nor mediation, much less “martingale”: we align ourselves with the operations of the “market makers”, whenever possible and when our indicators confirm, with high probabilities, in favor of the possible creation of one of your recurring operating patterns.



Everything we indicate is easy to understand, easy to apply and we offer a glossary of terms so that no one has any doubts!


Bank insurance

Additional “LLOYD” insurance with a limit of 1 million USD for customer guarantee.

MultiBank has made additional efforts to safeguard its commitments to Customers and other third parties, with a USD 1,000,000 limited liability insurance program that includes world-class coverage for errors, omissions, negligence, fraud and various other risks that could result in a financial loss.

Our clients are not charged with additional costs to benefit from this coverage.

Trading system Clickandperform.

The “Clickandperform” automated trading strategy currently consists of three different operating systems, each with its own operating technique distinct and independent of the other two, to have diversification included in a single solution.

The techniques used are both short term, medium and long term.

Leverage is used in a limited way, concentrating its operation only in certain and appropriate phases.

The focus and operation is particularly on currency crosses, in particular AUD/CAD, AUD/NZD, NZD/CAD and then EUR/USD, USD/CHF, GBP/USD, EUR/JPY, USD/ GPY and the american technology index (NASDAQ).

This empowers us with a certain flexibility, allowing us to enter various unrelated markets, both with bullish and bearish positions, by exploiting algorithmic systems that eliminate the human emotional component and aim to minimize the risks associated with speculation in the short and medium term.

The objective is to generate constant profitability on an annual basis, in any market context, always respecting the objective risk parameters (summarized in a maximum total reduction-drawdown of 6%).


  Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Ago Sept Oct Nov Dec Year Drawdown Max
2020 3,12% 1,73% 2,45% 1,89% -2,01% 2,12% 1,57% 3,33% 3,59% 2,73% 4,12% 1,79% 26,43% 3,9%
2021 2,82% 2,24% -1,84% 2,90% 4,71% 3,43% 2,68% 1,32% 3,81% 4,63% 2,12% 1,77% 30,59% 4,7%
2022 2,23% 3,62% 1,96% 2,14% 3,51% 1,84% 2,61% -1,97% 4,39% 1,54% 3,28% 2,73% 27,88% 3,6%
2023 2,27% 4,30% 3,01% -0,02% 0,47% -3,45% 1,37% 2,14% 1,66% 1,97% 3,15% 1,93% 20,25% 5,61%
2024 1,08%                          

The replication of the strategies can then be modulated according to the client’s risk profile: therefore, it is possible to work with a higher (x2 or x3) or lower (x0.5) multiplier in relation to the parameters of the original strategy.

We can select between three levels:

01. Moderate

02. Balanced

03. Dynamic

Assuming that

all returns are directly proportional to risk

as a practical example, let’s consider the last year, 2023, and see what we would have gained and “risked”:

Moderate: 20.25% with a maximum risk of 5.6%.
Balanced: 40.50% with a maximum risk of 11.2%.
Dynamic: 60.75% with a maximum risk of 16.8%.

In this Link you can see the certified performance. Here is the trend from february the 23th 2024 with MultiBank Broker.

NOTE: in the LINK of the applied performance is only “Moderate”.


We work with and rely on MultiBank.

MultiBank is an award-winning broker-dealer for its activities and offerings of financial instruments, specializing in trading and investment services for private and institutional clients.

With more than 1 million accounts, excellent operating conditions and world-class customer service, MultiBank has become one of the most reputable financial brokers, chosen by investors around the world.

In recent years he has obtained several awards as a very serious and reliable broker.

How does it work

It is very simple and only requires a few steps.

Set out to conquer the markets with the guidance of an Expert Advisor!

If you are looking for a smart asset management solution that allows you to stay in control, without forcing you to constantly monitor the markets, financial news or the economic calendar, the Clickandperform system is for you!

We welcome you!

This is what awaits you using our Trading System

Meet our team

Marco Grillo Bonucchi
Marco Grillo BonucchiTrading System Developer
Gianluca B. Barth
Gianluca B. BarthInternational Business
Riccardo Armari
Riccardo ArmariIT Consultant


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